ISO 9001 Tanusított rendszer

ISO 14001 Tanusított rendszer

Why to choose an electric car?

Because the operation cost of an electric vehicle is 70% lower than the operation cost of a combustion engine vehicle

Because it is environmental friendly

Because maintenance cost is low

Because it is quiet

Because it can be used in parks and special pavements because of its low weight

Because it has no harmful emission

Because it is perfect for taking short distances: economical and environmental friendly

Because future’s cars are electric

Because you do not have to go to petrol stations


Why to choose ElectroAuto Kft.?

Because ElectroAuto’s owners are Hungarian

Because we have 15 years experience in operating electric cars

Because our European supplier has been producing electric cars for 38 years

Because its unique appearance makes it attractive (advertisements, vending)

Because we realize your ideas

Because our cars are suitable for everyday use

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