ISO 9001 Tanusított rendszer

ISO 14001 Tanusított rendszer

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Mobile street vending

Our electric vehicles are environmentally friendly because they do not emit any noise or exhaust gases.

With electric vehicles you can visualize your business’s own image, and you can offer your clients wide range of products, since different appliances can be built in the superstructures.

Their further great advantage is that they can be easily pack up after finishing selling, vehicles can be locked up and taken away from the field of vending.

Ideal for mobile street vendors, because the cars

They do not stay on the selling place outside working hours, so:


There is a wide range of units for vending the following cold/hot products:

Two types of the slow motion electric catering vehicles are available:

Basic equipment:

Engine range:


Optional bodies for short chassis:

Optional body combinations for long chassis:


It is possible to attach a catering trailer to the electric vehicle to provide overall supply of goods.

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