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Frequently asked questions

What is the lifespan of the batteries?

1. the lifespan of the batteries is usually 3-5 years depending on usage and maintenance. They were designed for 600 charging cycles but there are batteries available which were designed for 1.200 charging cycles.

2., the vehicle range is about 20-100 km depending on the model, load and terrain. The smaller amount is for catering models if the fridge(s) use the batteries of the vehicle and the terrain is not flat. Passenger or cargo vehicles can run more with light load, on flat road.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

The full charging of the battery takes about 8 hours. The charger turns of automatically when the battery is charged.

What kind of batteries are in the vehicle?

The vehicles usually have lead-acid batteries (6V 235 Ah). There are also gel batteries or batteries with bigger capacity (270Ah) available optionally.

What provides energy?

Energy is provided by 6V, 235 Ah batteries. There are 6 pcs of batteries in a  36V vehicle and 8 pcs in a 48V vehicle.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Electric vehicles require minimal maintenance. In hot summer you should check the electrolite level of batteries at least once a week and refill it if necessary. You rarely should lubricate some parts, the tyres and brake pads must be changed in every 4-6 years.

How to clean electric vehicles?

It is easy to clean an electric vehicle. Bodywork is made of fibre glass, upholstery is made of leatherette, the cargo deck is metal and/or wood. So these can be cleaned with running water and detergent. The special units of catering vehicles (fridges etc.) must be cleaned according to the rules of HACCP.

Where can electric vehicles be used?

Vehicles made by ElectroAuto are suitable for usage in public roads (except for golf cars). Since they have full lighting installation and horn, hydraulic brake, safety glass windshield with wiper and type certificate, they can be used at all places except for places where it is prohibited to use a slow moving vehicle (eg. motorway).

What is the maximum speed of an electric vehicle?

The maximum speed of an electric vehicle is 25 km/h. this can be limited to 10 km/h electronically if required.

How many passengers can travel in an electric vehicle?

2, 4 or 6 people can travel in an electric vehicle. We produce special passenger trailers as well, so 8, 10 or 14 people can travel together.

What is the maximum load of an electric cargo vehicle?

The cargo capacity of a long vehicle with cargo deck is nearly 700 kg.

Where should electric vehicles be stored?

Electric vehicles can be stored outside, but it is important that you can charge the vehicle only at a completely dry place.

Can I use the electric vehicle in winter?

Yes. Several costumers use our products in winter as well, for example in the Austrian ski paradises. The capacity of batteries decrease this time.

How difficult it is to drive an electric car?

It is simple to drive an electric car. There is an accelerator pedal, a brake pedal and a direction switch in it. All of our models are equipped with full lighting installation, horn and handbrake. Vehicles suitable for usage on public roads also have safety glass windshield with wiper. The latter devices can also be handled easily.

Is driving licence necessary to drive an electric car?

If you would like to use the vehicle on public roads you must have a „B” category driving licence. Inside enclosed places (eg. golf courts) everyone can use the electric car at their own risk.

Should electric cars have an insurance?

As well as other types of vehicles, electric cars used in public roads must have liability insurance . The annual cost of this is approximately 15.000 HUF. It is also possible to have casco insurance for the electric cars.

Is it possible to rent electric vehicles?

Yes. ElectroAuto Kft. has its own fleet of electric vehicles. For further information please have a click on Rental.

Is it possible to purchase on lease?

Yes. ElectroAuto as a producer has financing partners.

Where are these electric cars used?

ElectroAuto Kft.’s electric cars are used in Hungary, Europe and several other countries in the world. For more information click on References.

What are the main technical characteristics of electric cars?

The electric cars are built on steel frame chassis. The bodywork is made of fibre has a running gear with leaf spring shock absorbers. Drum brakes can be mechanical (golf cars or hydraulic (public road vehicles). The vehicles have full lighting installation, horn, safety glass windshield with wipers.

What kind of engines do the electric cars have?

Standard engine is 2,1 kW electric engine for rear axle drive with differential gear. 2,8 and 3,9 kW SepEx (regenerating engine with engine brake) engines are also available.

How long is the warranty period of these electric vehicles?

The full warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. 48 h mobility guarantee is provided for the vehicles, it has no charge during the warranty period.

Are spare parts and service background available for electric cars?

Yes. Our company has been producing, repairing and operating electric cars for more than 15 years. We gather experience in repairing electric cars and we have our own stock of spare parts.

What happens if an electric car breaks down?

Please inform us about the problem, and in some cases our experience enables us to solve it on the phone. If this is not possible, we are going to repair the car as soon as possible.

How long does it take to receive the vehicle?

2 – 8 weeks from the date of order, depending on type.

Is delivery possible?

Yes. We have vans and trailers suitable for transporting electric cars.

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