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ISO 14001 Tanusított rendszer

Welcome to the world of electric vehicles working without any noise or exhaust gas emission

Let me give you a short description of our company, ElectroAuto Ltd and the products we manufacture.

We have been dealing with development, production and trade of electric vehicles in Hungary for more than 25 years, as well as the short and long term leasing and operation of them.

Our company has a Hungarian owner, and it’s important for us to deal with inland partners, so we choose mainly Hungarian suppliers, and most of our colleagues work in a rural small town called Kisbér.

The sales department is in Budapest, the electric vehicles can be viewed at Kisbér or during operation at Budapest – at a previously agreed  date.

The term of manufacture is between 2 and 8 weeks depending on the claimed type and equipment.

Besides development and producing we pay special attention on quality control, our work is under ISO qualification control (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management systems are instituted).

There is a one-year overall warranty on our electric vehicles, and we ensure also continuous service background and supply of different components even after warranty ran out.

After the warranty ran out, we provide mobility warranty for a fee. For details, click HERE.

Our main product types are:

We are inclined to achieve your extra ideas!

Electric vehicles run quiet and without emitting harmful gases. They are economically applicable and easy to maintain. Their weight is low, so they can run even on loose soil or on vulnerable pavement.

Let’s see some example of the wide range of utilization:

We sell our electric vehicles not only in Hungary, but through our distributor partners even in other countries of Europe and of the world.

We are at your entire disposal to give you any further information.

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